Published Work

A small sample/selected list of published work:
The Molotov Cocktail: Best of Anthology      (Petroleum Jelly Therapy, forthcoming)
DOGZPLOT: (The Magic Issue)      (Two More White Doves, forthcoming)
Liquid Imaginations: (Anthology of the Best of Liquid Imagination Issues 1-10)      (Icicle Dungeon Foreclosure, forthcoming)
Literary Orphans: (Best of, Year One Anthology)      (Hunting M.I.L.F.s, forthcoming) 
After Happy Hour Review: (limited-print Best of 2014 Edition)      (What the Hell Happened Here?, forthcoming)
The Cantabrigian Magazine      (The Wyoming Project, forthcoming)
Bending Genres Anthology 2018-2019      (Norm MacDonald Makes Me Horny, (2018 reprint) February, 2020) 
Secret History Books      (Crabs Feasting on Eyeballs, (2013 reprint) February, 2020)
Soft Cartel      (Wolf Blitzer’s Basement, May, 2019)
The Airgonaut      (Purple Heart, March 2019)
Thrice      (Mountain High Pizza Pie, January 2019)
SmokeLong Quarterly      (Interview with author Taryn Tilton, December 2018)
Danse Macabre     (Barbie Dolls and Dodge Balls (Pride Month, 2010 reprint), June 2018)
The Cantabrigian Magazine      (The Wyoming Project, May 2018)
Foliate Oak      (Purple Monkey Balls, May 2018)
Bridge Eight       (Muskie Doll Maker, April 2018)
Bending Genres     (Norm MacDonald Makes Me Horny, April 2018)
The Conglomerate      (Jamaica, March 2018) 
The Airgonaut      (Yesterday, Yellowstone Was Lit, March 2018)
Travel Stories and Highlights 2018      (The Mexican Conductor; Bienvenidos a Los Cabos, December 2017)     
Fred’s Diary 1981      (The Mexican Conductor, October 2017)
Fanzine     (Connected at the Skull, September 2017)
*Longlisted in Wigleaf’s TOP 50 Fiction of 2017
The Del Sol Review      (Kegger in Primordial Woods, September 2017)
Fred’s Diary 1981       (My Feeble Cathedral, July 2017) 
Fred’s Diary 1981      (Insignificant Illegal Immigrant Living in a Third World Country, June 2017)
(b)OINK Zine     (It’s Not Delivery, It’s DiGiorno, June 2017)
The Cantabrigian Magazine      (Granddaddy Purple, May 2017)
Thrice Fiction Magazine      (Virginia Slims, April 2017)
Vending Machine Press      (Sorry My Dad Trolled You Last Night, February 2017)
Travel Stories and Highlights: Second Edition      (The Flaming Gorge Dam; The Great Went, December 2016)
Shotgun Honey      (Medusa and an Anchorite, December 2016)
FRiGG      (Goodbye, Homer; That Night Grandma Guzzled Bong Water; Crawlspace, November 2016)
Flash Frontier: An Adventure in Short Fiction      (Blizzard, September 2016)
*Nominated for The Best Small Fictions 2017
Family Memories ~ An Anthology of Murder and Mischief      (Snorting Cancer Meds, September 2016)
The Molotov Cocktail      (The Canoeing Blunt, April 2016)
SmokeLong Quarterly      (Interview with author Lara Ehrlich, March 2016)
Revolution John      (The Hoarder’s Whorehouse, March 2016)
Spilled Milk Magazine: (Zamboni, February 2016)
DOGZPLOT      (How I Got My Gangsta Rap Name, January 2016)
concīs magazine        (The Mexican Conductor, December 2015)
*Nominated for Sundress Publications’ 2015 Best of the Net Anthology 
Travel Stories and Highlights: edited by Robert Fear      (The Great Went; The Flaming Gorge Dam, December 2015)
Literary Orphans      (Canopy Bed, October 2015)
Change Seven Magazine      (The Decrepit Wheelchair, October 2015)
Pear Drop      (Hazards of Underpants, September 2015)
Fred’s Diary 1981      (The Flaming Gorge Dam, July 2015)
SmokeLong Quarterly      (Interview with author Andrew Sullivan, June 2015)
Literary Orphans      (Penis Factory; The Inflatable Family; The Gravitron; Our Son, Fresh from Fat Camp, April 2015) 
Maudlin House      (Once Got Busy in a Burger King Bathroom, April 2015)
Fred’s Diary 1981      (The Great Went, (reprint) April 2015)
*Winner of Fred’s Diary monthly paying essay contest
Digging Through the Fat      (That Night We Juggled Lava and Semen, February 2015)
Corvus Review      (Fucking for Family, February 2015)
After Happy Hour Review      (What the Hell Happened Here?, November 2014)
Maudlin House      (Getting Blunted at the Family Barbecue, October 2014)
SmokeLong Quarterly      (Interview with author Cedrix E. Clarke, September 2014)
Rivet: The Journal of Writing That Risks      (OXY Pads and OxyContin, September 2014)
Minotaur Lit      (Antikythera Mechanism, August 2014)
Sententia: The Journal      (A Smuggler’s Atlas, June 2014)
The Monarch Review     (My Mom: The M.I.L.F., June 2014)
The Adroit Journal     (The Evolution of Granny’s Panties, June 2014)
The Examined Life Journal      (Sinking the Submarine, May 2014)
Potluck Magazine     (The Inertia of Kindergarten, May 2014)
Awkward Paper Cut     (Mexican Metamorphosis, April 2014)
Sol: English Writing in Mexico      ( BicycleTaxi, March 2014)
mojo      (author interview with Matthew B. Dexter, February 2014)
The Bookends Review: Best of 2013 (Print Anthology)      (First Gulf War; The Man in the Bowl, January 2014)
Similar:Peaks::     (The Roof is Caving In, January 2014)
Sleet Magazine      (Restaurant Review (Así y Asado), January 2014)
Gravel       (Carretera, January 2014)
SmokeLong Quarterly      (Interview with Matthew Dexter, December 2013)
SmokeLong Quarterly(Preemie, December 2013)
Pea River Journal      (National Car Rental, December 2013)
Vending Machine Press      (The Repercussions of Clipping a Parrot’s Wings, December 2013)
A-Minor Magazine     (Have You Seen Your Neighbor’s Basement?, September 2013)
Olentangy Review     (Six-legged Houseguest, August 2013)
Literary Orphans      (Four Flashes, August 2013)
Counterexample Poetics      (Crabs Feasting on Eyeballs, August 2013)
Counterexample Poetics      (The Ball of the Premature, August 2013)
Cease, Cows      (The Man at the Dump, August 2013)
Gravel: A Literary Journal      (A Pedophilic Caboose, August 2013)
The Dying Goose      (The Mexican Shower, July 2013)
The Avalon Literary Review (The Stench of Fear in Our Veins, Summer 2013)
Scapegoat Review      (All Her Piggy’s, June 2013)
NAP      (Paratrooper Pedagogy, June 2013)
The Bookends Review      (The Man in the Bowl, June 2013)
mojo/Mikrokosmos Literary Journal      (Doctor Fish, May 2013)
Drunk Monkeys       (Battling Vespula, April 2013)
The Bookends Review      (First Gulf War, April 2013)
Litro       (The Bird in the Urn, April 2013)
Bartleby Snopes      (Marrying the Condiments, March 2013)
Tincture Journal      (The Cancelled Birthday, March 2013)
The Bookends Review      (Home Depot, March 2013)
Shotgun Honey      (Yucatán Whips, March 2013)
Penduline Press      (The God of Cosmetology, March 2013)
Prairie Wolf Press Review      (From Homeless to Wholesale, March 2013)
Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine      (A Journey to Arteriosclerosis, February 2013)
Pithead Chapel      (Doing the Blowfish, February 2013)
The Shine Journal      (Last Skype, February 2013)
Juked      (The Search Party, December 2012)
The Citron Review      (Another Weekend for the Whiplashed, December 2012)
Penumbra      (Whiplasher, December 2012)
Fat City Review      (The Booger Eating Contest, November 2012)
Blue Lyra Review      (The Value of a Good Camel Toe, November 2012)
Red Claw Press      (Free Admission for Children, November 2012)
Split Lip Magazine      (The Tallest Tree House in a Medium-Sized Town, November 2012)
Blue Lake Review      (Fly to the Moon, Amigo?, October 2012)
Shotgun Honey      (An Elephantine Metathesis of a Zamboni Driver, October 2012)
Metazen      (Lemonade Stand Princess, October 2012)
Faircloth Review      (Nuevo Laredo, Mexican Drug War, Autopsy Report, October 2012)
Wild Orphan      (Old Sparky, October 2012)
Split Quarterly     (How to Kill a Cougar from Close Range, October 2012)
Bellow Literary Journal      (The Czar of the Putting Green, October 2012)
Sleet Magazine      (Fly to the Moon, Amigo?, October 2012)
Marco Polo      (Mango Deck, September 2012)
Boston Literary Magazine      (Rags and Gasoline, September 2012)
Fiction Brigade      (A Perfect Day in Paradise, September 2012)
Nickel Steak      (The Rhododendron Dilemma, September 2012)
Sol: English Writing in Mexico      (The Safest Gym in Juarez, Mexico, August 2012)
Heavy Feather Review      (The Fire Ant Colony, August 2012)
Humber Pie      (Menudo is for Sundays, July 2012)
Thousand Shades of Gray      (Why You Should Never Trust a Handsome Omelet Chef, July 2012)
Paragraphiti      (The King of the Omelet Bar, July, 2012)
Spork Press      (Jacuzzi Time, July 2012)
Gutter Eloquence      (Child Labor, July 2012)
Atticus Review      (Behind Bulletproof Glass, June 2012)
Bluestem Magazine      (Walmart Dreams Big While Children Weep and Get Raped in the Aisles, June 2012)
Whole Beast Rag      (A Devil of Infected Confetti, June 2012)
Thousand Shades of Gray      (The Dollar Menu, May 2012)
Belletrist Coterie      (The Aluminum Lady, May 2012)
In Other Words Merida      (4 Poems, May 2012)
NAP      (The Bus Route, May 2012)
Nazar Look      (The Secrets of One Little Girl, May 2012) 
Contrary      (Restraining Order, April 2012)
 *Longlisted in Wigleaf’s TOP 50 Fiction of 2012
Downer Magazine      (Between the Bulbs of Ultraviolet Light, April 2012)
Resurgo Magazine      (The Sunburn, April 2012)
Eunoia Review      (Employee of the Month, April 2012)
Eunoia Review      (The Messy Kitchen, April 2012)
Eunoia Review      (Jackson Pollock Moment, April 2012)
 *First published in Writers´ Bloc where it won the 2010 Sacrifice Paying Fiction Contest
 *Selected as a Notable Story of 2010 in the StorySouth Million Writers Award
Red Lightbulbs      (Indian Summer; The Withered Stream, April 2012)
Thrice Fiction      (The Nondenominational Tourist, March 2012)
Steel Toe Review      (Waiting for an Amputation, March 2012)
elimae      (The Crab, March 2012)
The Molotov Cocktail      (Country Club Coup d’état, March 2012)
Airplane Reading      (The Great Went, February 2012)
The Rusty Nail      (Séance with the Putting Green, February 2012)
House Fire      (For all the Freckles on one Hand, January 2012)
13 Extraordinary Things      (What the Hell is the Point in Lighting Another Bottle Rocket off the George Washington Bridge?, January 2012)
Art Faccia      (The Butterfly Orgy, January 2012)
Monkeybicycle      (The Cumquat Tree, January 2012)
Daily Love      (Why I Will Never Name a Star After Her, January 2012)
Clever Mag      (Exorbitant Spoiled Children Eat Free, January 2012)
Stone Highway Review      (Spade of Hearts, January 2012)
Mustache Factor      (The Nondenominational Tourist, December 2011)
Salt.      (The Bus Route, December 2011)
Salt.      (Headmaster’s Holiday, December 2011)
Blue Yellow Dog       (Campaign Advisor; Forgive me America; Letter to the Unborn Baby, December 2011)
Cyber Soleil Journal      (Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood, December 2011)
Indigo Rising      (The Butterfly Orgy, December 2011)
Microstory a Week      (The Wizard of the Airport, November 2011)
Short Fiction Collective      (Dungeons and Degenerates, November 2011)
Red Fez      (Breaking into the Boarding School Infirmary, November 2011)
Speech Bubble      (The Nudist Cover-up, November 2011)
The Feline Muse      (Chasing Kittens, November 2011)
decomP      (Sunken Ancestry, November 2011)
elimae      (The War on Drugs Beneath the Border, November 2011)
Petricho Review      (Brother Knows Best, so Carve Some Hearts and Unicorns; Though He Had No Fever, October 2011)
Eunoia Review      (Before the Storm, October 2011)
Menacing Hedge      (The Nudist Cover-up, October 2011)
Menacing Hedge      (The Cabin (terrible unpublished poem written circa 1997-1998, October 2011)
Storied      (Dear Carmen, October 2011)
Pipe Dream      (Fortune-telling: Day by Day, September 2011)
Scissors and Spackle      (Brother Knows Best, so Carve Some Hearts and Unicorns; Degenerate Reckoning; Though He Had No Fever, September 2011)
Freerange Nonfiction      (The Workers Who Have No Names, September 2011)
Press Board Press      (The Last Resort, September 2011)
Atticus Review      (The Last of the Dragonflies, September 2011)
elimae      (The Fall; Somalia Drought, September 2011)
Storied      (Forgiving Wind, September 2011)
Three Minute Plastic      (The Visit, August 2011)
Red Fez      (The Workers, August 2011)
Apocrypha and Abstractions      (Collapse, August 2011)
Untoward Magazine      (Those Cold Blue Eyes, August 2011)
Forty Ounce Bachelors      (I Am More than Two Giant Breasts Flying an Aircraft, August 2011)
Subtle Fiction      (The Nudist Cover-up, July 2011)
The Other Room      (Storming the Castle, July 2011)
 *Longlisted in Wigleaf’s TOP 50 Fiction of 2011
An Ode to Calypso      (An Ode to Calypso, July 2011)
Dark Chaos      (Tucson, July 2011)
Pure Slush      (Family Album, July 2011)
Pure Slush      (The Disintegration of the Human Soul, July 2011)
The Montucky Review      (The Night Our Faces Melted into Monsters, June 2011)
Stymie Magazine      (Outward Bound: to Serve, to Strive, and Not to Yield, June 2011)
50-to-1      (Four-Way, June 2011)
The Stream Press       (The Three Stages of Death and Dying, June 2011)
Dogzplot      (Anton LaVey, May 2011)
Is This Reality?      (The Perfect Circus, May 2011
Short Fiction Collective      (Mango Deck, May 2011)
The Camel Saloon      (Cadburry Crème Eggs from Satan, May 2011)
Diagonal Proof      (Egg Toss, May 2011)
Pure Slush      (Cleanup Position, May 2011)
Pushing Out the Boat      (Back Nine Narrative, May 2011)
Barge Press      (Dear Grandma, May 2o11)
Short, Fast, and Deadly      (Portrait of an Artist as a Teenage Twin and Forest Falls into a Tsunami, May 2011)      
elimae      (Empty Bedroom; Parisian; Raping the Sea, May 2011)
 *(Empty Bedroom) Longlisted in Wigleaf’s TOP 50 Fiction of 2011
Roar and Thunder      (House on the Hilltop, May 2011)
The Number Five      (Peeling the Mango,  April 2011)
The Short Humor Site      (Saturdays, April 2011)
ISFN Anthology      (Nitrous Alley, April 2011)
The Lifted Brow      (Short Short Stories, April 2011)
Frontier Tales      (Forgiving Wind, April 2011)
The Scarlet Sound      (Dear Carmen, April 2011)
Train Bust      (Cue the Mariachi, March 2011)
Best Fiction      (Lord of the Apartment Complex, March 2011)
Orion Headless      (Searching for Mermaids, March 2011)
52|250 A Year of Flash      (Wagons, Indians, and Pioneers, March 2011)
Red Fez      (Rafters of the Rink, March 2011)
Sol: English Writing in Mexico      (Safest Gym in Juarez, Mexico, March 2011)
On the Wing 2.0      (Tallest Man in the World, March 2011)
Spilling Ink: Volume 1      (Beware the Carousel, March 2011)
Spilling Ink Review      (Beware the Carousel Reprise, March 2011)
52|250: A Year of Flash      (Token Sucking, February 2011)
Pure Slush      (Hurricane Season, February 2011)
Berg Gasse 19      (Breaking into the Boarding School Infirmary, February 2011)
Steel Toe Review      (Waiting for an Amputation, February 2011)
The Missing Slate      (Three Pieces, February 2011)
Liquid Imagination      (Icicle Dungeon Foreclosure, January 2011)
Kerouac’s Dog Magazine      (Best Worst Week of My Life, January 2011)
The Scarlet Sound      (Collect Call, January 2011)
Means to an End Anthology      (Pushing My Wheels Up That Bridge Back and Forth, January 2011)
Pure Slush      (Sadistic Aroma of Rubber, January 2011)
Arcus Review      (Back Nine Narrative, January 2011)
Berg Gasse 19      (Lemonade,Vodka, Honeysuckles, December 2010)
Gloom Cupboard      (The Ritalin Riddle, December 2010)
Fix it Broken      (Beware the Carousel, December 2010)
 *Chosen by storySouth Million Writers Award as a notable story of 2010  
Spilling Ink Review      (Endorsement Deal, December 2010)
Pulp Metal Magazine      (The Day All the Clocks Stopped at the Same Time, December 2010)
REM Magazine      (Mouse Trap, November 2010)
Metazen      (Confessions of a Tanning Madam, November 2010)
Metazen      (An interview with little old me in Metazen, November 2010)
Eunoia Review      (Sun Shine on Our Noses, November 2010)
Infinite Windows      (The Pill of Perpetuity, November 2010)
Black Heart Magazine      (A Day in the Life of a Culinary School Graduate in a Bad Economy, November 2010)
The Literary Burlesque      (No Morning-after Pill for Madness, October 2010)
Blue Lake Review      (Dear Grandma, October 2010)
In Between Altered States      (The Foreigner’s Princess, October 2010)
Milk Sugar      (Cold German Beer and a Warm Fire, October 2010)
Short, Fast, and Deadly      (Dinner for Two, October 2010)
Infinite Windows      (Voyeur, October 2010)
Infinite Windows      (Familiar Reflections from an Airplane Window, October 2010)
The Fringe      (Back Nine Narrative, September 2010)
Microliterature    (Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse, September 2010)
The Momo Reader      (Going for Gold, September 2010)
Static Movement      (Four Seconds in Paradise, September 2010)
Magnolia’s Press      (A Gardener’s Glove, August 2010)
A-Minor Magazine      (Why You Should Be Nice to the Lady at the Laundromat, August 2010)
 *Nominated for Sundress Publications’ 2011 Best of the Net Anthology  
The Molotov Cocktail      (Petroleum Jelly Therapy, August 2010)
Northville Review      (Fifth Floor School House, August 2010)
Hobo Pancakes      (The Jungle Gym Rapper, August 2010)
Fiction Collective      (Chocolate Chip Cookies with Butterscotch Sprinkles, July 2010)
LITnIMAGE     (How to Sing Lullabies to a Guerrilla, July 2010)
Writer’s Bloc      (Jackson Pollock Moment, July 2010)
 *Winner of the 2010 sacrifice-themed fiction contest
 *Chosen by storySouth Million Writers Award as a notable story of 2010   
The Medulla Review      (One More Double Axel, July 2010)
Whisper Magazine      (Graduation Day, July 2010) 
Anastomoo Handwritten: Volume 2      (picture taken in Puerto Vallarta, June 2010)
Orion Headless      (Do Flamingos Eat Lobsters?, June 2010)
The Moon      (Climbing With the Crabs, June 2010)
Halfway Down the Stairs      (The Invisible Waste Basket, June 2010)
Toasted Cheese      (Helicopter Rotors, June 2010)
 *Nominated for Sundress Publications’ 2010 Best of the Net Anthology
Neon     (Border of My Mind, May 2010)
Neon      (Maintenance, May 2010) 
Danse Macabre      (Barbie Dolls and Dodge Balls, May 2010)
Hazard Cat      (Chasing Kittens, May 2010)
The Shine Journal      (The Stubborn Goldfish, May 2010)
PicFic      (Burrito Bullet, April 2010)
Writers’ Bloc      (How I started a Literary Journal with Arnold Palmer, April 2010)
Shirt, Fast, and Deadly     (The Great Recession, April 2010)
Sleep.Snort.Fuck.     (Being a Bad Neighbor, April 2010)
Sleep.Snort.Fuck      (Demerits and Dickholes, April 2010)
Girl with Insurance      (Muppets, April 2010)
Rejection Digest      (How to Keep Your Surgical Mask Fashionable after Swine Flu Season, April 2010)
Miracle Monocle      (Pharmaceutical Diary, March 2010)
Weird Year      (Parasailing, March 2010)
The Dirty Napkin      (Easter Bonnet, March 2010)
Molotov Cocktail      (Last Day at the Zoo, March 2010) 
Emprise Review      (Maintenance, March 2010)
Foliate Oak      (Taqueria, March 2010)
Negative Suck      (Black Widower, February 2010)
Apparatus Magazine      (Icing on the Cake, February 2010)    
Flashes in the Dark      (Pig Fat, February 2010)
Bartleby Snopes      (Smoke Signals, February 2010)
The Flash Fiction Offensive     (Black Widow, February 2010)
Word Riot      (Brotherly Love, January 2010)
Writers’ Bloc      (Peace, Love and Crabs, January 2010)
vis a tergo      (The Prosperous Cliff Diver, December 2009)
Down in the Dirt      (Sand Castles in the Storm, December 2009)
Breadcrumbs Sins      (An Afternoon in Tijuana, December 2009)
The Short Humor Site      (Saturdays, December 2009)
The Short humor Site      (Freddy, December 2009)
Litsnack      (Easter Bonnet, December 2009)
Ampersand Review      (The Perfect Circus, December 2009)
The Legendary      (American Consulate Doldrums in Mexico, November 2009)
50-to-1      (Benevolent Beggar, November 2009)
Static Movement      (Turbulance over Tampa, November 2009)
Johnny America      (Crocodile Tears, October 2009)
World Audience      (Swim Meet, October 2009)
U.M.Ph.! Prose      (Mexican Urologist, September 2009) 
Burst Fiction      (Head Shot, September 2009)
Midnight in Hell      (The Perfect Circus, September 2009)
Writers’ Bloc      (Swim Meet, September 2009)
 *Chosen by storySouth Million Writers Award as a notable story of 2009
A Golden Place      (Lying and Driving, September 2009)
Kalkion      (The Chopping Block, August 2009)
Fiction at Work      (The Monster, August 2009)
Stepping Stones Magazine     (Prozac Ice Princess, August 2009)
The Writer’s Ink      (Hornet’s Nest, July 2009)
The Legendary      (Floral Rose, July 2009)
Piker Press      (Summer School, July 2009)
Zygote in my Coffee      (The Pig in the Swine Flu Costume, June 2009)
Boston Literary Magazine      (The Cookie Jar, June 2009) 
>kill author      (Imaginary Friends, June 2009)
Interrobang?!    (Cloud Walking, May 2009)
Flask and Pen        (Ballgame, May 2009)
Unseen Whispers      (Track Marks, May 2009)
Everyday Weirdness      (Crawl Space Monkey, May 2009)
Full of Crow      (Hornet’s Nest, May 2009)
Bartleby Snopes     (The Jelly Bean Gambler, April 2009)
Static Movement      (The Suicidal Butterfly, April 2009; Fall 2007 in print)
Flask and Pen      (The Vanity Crisis, March 2009)
Clockwise Cat      (Mexican Marching Ants, December 2008)
Shattercolors      (The Time Capsule, October 2008)
Shattercolors      (The Pirate Suitor, April 2008)
Below is a small sample of  published poetry:
The Faircloth Review      (Nuevo Laredo, Mexican Drug War, Autopsy Report, October 2012)
Humber Pie      (Menudo is for Sundays, July 2012)
Gutter Eloquence      (Child Labor, July 2012)
In Other Words Merida      (4 Poems, May 2012)
Red Lightbulbs      (Indian Summer; The Withered Stream, April 2012)
Haggard and Halloo      (Mota, January 2012)
Blue Yellow Dog      (Campaign Adviser; Forgive me America; Letter to the Unborn Baby, December 2011)
Haggard and Halloo      (Family Thanksgiving, November 2011)
Eunoia Review      (Before the Storm, October 2011)
Pipe Dream      (Fortune-telling: Day by Day, September 2011)
Decades Review      (La Bandera, September 2011) 
elimae      (The Fall; Somalia Drought, September 2011)
Wired Writer      (Tucson, July 2011)
The Scarlet Sound      (Fireworks, June 2011)
The Scarlet Sound      (Mañana, June 2011)
The Second Hump      (Memoir of Degenerates, May 2011)
The Camel Saloon      (Memoir of Degenerates, May 2011)
elimae      (Empty Bedroom; Parisian; Raping the Sea, May 2011)
A Handful of Stones      (Dear Liver: Sorry, March 2011)
A Handful of Stones      (Home Depot Gangsta, March 2011)
The Stray Branch      (More poems, March 2011)
Amarantha Muses      (Mañana, March 2011)
The Scarlet Sound      (The Black Shawl, January 2011)
Postcard Shorts      (Empty Tarball Silhouettes, December 2010)
Looming Shadow      (Looming Shadow, November 2010)
Psychic Meatloaf      (A Child’s Intuition, November 2010)
The Oral Tradition      (Wrong Number; Tropical Tremors in Mexico, October 2010)
Infinite Windows     (Forsaken Vacation, October 2010)
Five Poems      (Five Poems, September 2010)
Anastomoo      (Puerto Vallarta Mexico, Untitled Beach Poem, June 2010)
Unfold      (Seeing Red, June 2010)
Unfold      (Where’s the Broom?, June 2010)
Miller’s Pond Poetry      (Seven Dwarfs, April 2012)
Leaf Garden Press      (Broken bird’s Nest; No More Dreaming Tonight, March 2010)
Tin Foil Dresses      (The Unkempt Garden, February 2010)
The Houston Literary Review      (Waiting for Rain, January 2010)
Word Catalyst      (Going Loco; Beautiful Nightmares, December 2009)
Gutter Elegance      (What I’ve Missed, November 2009)
Rotten Leaves      (Attention Deficit, October 2009)
Calliope Nerve      (Daily Routine, October 2009)
Joyful      (Her Song of Hope, August 2009)      (24 Minutes, July 2009)      (Another Day in Paradise, June 2009)
Many of Mateo’s stories are published in books. Hundreds of books. Dozens of anthologies also. Go buy a copy and mail it to your grandmother. She will love it.
A Means to An End: An Anthology of New FictionJohnny America #8
People of Few Words - Volume 3 - Fifty More Writers from the Writers' Showcase of the Short Humour SiteInterrobangcoverDown in the Dirtlitro124_transgression_singleThe Invisible Corset (Omnia Vanitas Review, Volume 1)PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!Issue 1Stone Highway Review Volume 1 Issue 2The Rusty Nail, Issue 1PRJ Fall 2013
Thrice Fiction Magazine No. 2Get Lit, Round 1: Flash Fiction
Matthew has hundreds and thousands of published articles and freelance writing pieces. If you wish to see that then god bless your soul and click here…. 

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